Staff Spotlight



We have a special staff profile. Alazar, who’s been living in Canada since 2016 and has been working at Purpose since 2019, became a Canadian citizen on July 20, 2022!

Here’s what he had to say about that, and about working at Purpose.

“In Eritrea it’s really nice, but there’s no peace. I’m really happy when I become citizen. I am free. I can visit other places. Feels really nice.

I ran my plumbing business in Sudan but English isn’t great to do that here. At Purpose I like carpentry, like all the different things I’m learning.

For fun I like walking and religious music.”

Alazar mentioned that back home there’s no right to pray or religious freedom for him, so it’s a big deal he can do that here.

Alazar and his wife worked really hard to become citizens, and we’re so happy he’s part of our team.